SmallPaws Pet hotel Sydney cattery


Each double enclosure has views of the gardens, exercise area and indoor area. The ambience is enhanced with soft background music. The heated/airconditioned indoor areas are warm and safe from the elements and contain a hiding box. The side walls of each enclosure are solid, ensuring that ‘nose to nose’ contact with feline neighbours does not happen.



Catweb2The exercise areas are roofed with open fenced sides for security. Hygiene is ensured with tiled floors throughout.




We offer two packages for boarding in our cattery, The Lodge and Deluxe Packages; The Lodge Package includes 2 hours exercise/ day for suitable cats and 1 main meal which consists of Whiskers tinned food and Supercoat Dry food (Owners are still welcome to provide ‘special diet’ food). The Deluxe Package includes Choice of menu, Photo(Facebook or email)1 weekly, brush time 1 x daily, 4 hours/exercise/day for suitable cats, an extra comfy cushion and an extra cat litter tray in their outside compartment.

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