Cat Accommodation Prices

What we offer Your Cat:


Cattery at northern beaches smallpaws
At SmallPaws daily exercise is complimentary. The exercise areas are covered to allow playtime in all types of weather.


smallpaws boarding for your cat
All of our accommodation is also air-conditioned and heated.

Complimentary Pampering:

cat pamering at smallpaws
Complimentary Pampering Included for every cat!


There are 2 levels of accommodation for your cat (The Lodge and Deluxe Suites).

Arrival times are from 7.30am.
There is no charge for the day of departure if your cat is picked up by 9.00am.

For more information please visit our cat page.

Also check out our SPECIALS.

  • The Lodge: At The Lodge each cat has their own double enclosure with each half connected with a cat flap. The side walls to the enclosure are solid, and each ‘room’ has a hiding box, soft bed and scratching post. One side of the enclosure is on the inside of the cattery, and the other half is on the outside, where each cat can enjoy fresh air and views of the garden (and wildlife!). The inside of the cattery is heated and air-conditioned.
  • Deluxe Suites: The deluxe suites are larger rooms each with their own window, large scratch pole and separate exercise area. The room contains a soft bed, climbing shelves and is fully air conditioned and heated. In winter, heat pads are in every suite. There is a choice of menu- Fancy Feast, Whiskers, Cats Delite, and Supercoat Biscuits.


Low Season High Season
Lodge $23 $29
Deluxe Suite $28 $35

High Season is the period covered by Public School Holidays.



Lodge Deluxe
Heat Pad $2/day Included
Cat brush $10 1/wk included
Flea/tick Prevention $11 $11
Photos – Facebook $5 $5
Photos – Email $10 $10
Pet Taxi POA POA
Skype Time $15 $15
One on One Playtime (20 mins) $12 $12
Seresto Cat Collar $55 $55
Treats – Temptations $7/pkt $7/pkt
Cuddles Free Free